Best of Beauty: July 2014

I’ve been obsessed with tons of beauty products since I started browsing beauty gurus on YouTube. They’re the biggest enablers, hence, a July overdue post! ;)


I’m one of the loyal users of Evian Facial Spray. I think I started using it way back in college simply because I hate moisturizers. I hate the greasy feeling of lotions and moisturizers so I just use Evian to keep my skin hydrated. However, I think I just felt like I needed to move on from Evian.

I went to The Face Shop and saw their Pure Water Facial Mist, so I felt like this is a good dupe for Evian. After trying this for a week, I felt like I did the right decision. This product is refreshing and moisturizing, especially after being inside the air-conditioned room and your face starts to lose its moisture. Plus, I felt like The Face Shop’s Pure Water Facial Mist gave me more product than Evian.


Next is the Wet n’ Wild Matte Megalast Lipstick in Ravin’ Raisin (Php 199). I’ve wanted to try the violet lipsticks for the longest time. So, I was ecstatic when I found out that The Vanity Zone was selling that color of lipstick. It was darker than MAC Heroine, but quite similar to Revlon Matte Balm in Shameless. It’s longwearing and super pigmented. You have to use a good make up remover to get rid of the lipstick stain.


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The Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara is one of the original products of Maybelline, but because it was re-introduced and on sale (Php199), I gave that one a shot.


I think the pigmentation is really good. It gave a black tint that helps emphasize the lashes. Plus, it does a good job in lengthening the lashes. It doesn’t offer that much volumizing effect because it clumps so bad. Lastly, I hate the removing part because I have to dreadfully rub off the mascara from my lashes!

Speaking of rubbing off mascaras, this is where Nivea Creme comes. Did you know that this product is not just good at moisturizing your skin, but also acts as a good make up remover? Try it guys! Plus, it’s a lot cheaper.


Last, but definitely not the least (Ugh, I hate using that. But, I did! Hahahaha!), is the Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush.


I have a love-hate relationship with this product. Sometimes, it’s a really good balm, and sometimes not. I gave it another shot, and it worked. So, good job Maybelline. Oh! I just noticed I have two Maybelline products for this post.

By the way, I’m looking for: Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, Eyeko Alexa Chung collection, and Topshop cosmetics here in the Philippines. Kindly leave a comment below if you know where I can purchase some. Thanks! <3

Xx, Maine

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Friday Pamper Sesh at Ahavia Lounge Spa

I’ve been stressed for a couple of weeks already and I feel like if I don’t get the freakin’ massage that I deserve, my body will burnout. Hence, my Friday trip alone to Ahavia Lounge Spa in Quezon City.


I’ve tried Ahavia Lounge Spa way way back from their original branch in San Juan. I will always remember that because it was during my senior year and that’s how I was introduced to the pamper lifestyle.

Going back to the story, after work, I pushed myself to Ahavia Lounge Spa and was greeted by two ladies at the front desk. Err, let me just say that they’re quite helpful but not convincing enough that I will be able to get the best two hours of my life. They were talking loud enough for me to hear about their argument: who will be my masseuse? 

(Note: I didn’t take any photos simply because my focus is to get pampered that evening)

I was hoping to get a pedicure but they have no attendant for that. The first thing that popped in my head was, “seriously? And on a Friday?”. I really wanted to pamper my feet so I opted for the whitening foot spa (Php 299) because they said that it was their best offering for the foot indulgence category. Then, I picked the Anti-stress thermal massage for 60 minutes (Php 499). It’s the same massage I got from the San Juan branch.

They told me to stay inside the 2nd floor Waiting Room and waited (duh? LOL!) for around 15 to 20 minutes before my masseuse instructed me to change into slippers and their shorts to start the foot spa.

I enjoyed the foot spa because honestly, it was really really good and I was alone in the foot spa room. Ha! The TV’s all mine to enjoy! But of course, I’m not a TV person so I ended up reading an e-book from my phone. Seriously, I almost dozed off. That’s how good it was.

Next was the massage proper— the highlight of my night. I felt like my back was suffering from my bad sitting position, bad posture, and simply because of stress so this was what I was really looking forward to.

I opted for the moderate instead of the hard, but the masseuse was pressing my back really hard already. I didn’t mind though because I’m used to hard press so she just did her thing while I cringe in the dark.

Today, I woke up with a sore back. But it feels so good knowing that I got the massage that I deserved. I’m looking forward to my next pamper session especially now that I know that they have a branch near my work.

For more info regarding their services, check out this menu I grabbed from their Facebook page.



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Goodnight! 😊

Goodnight! 😊

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Online Shopping Alert: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation and Wet n’ Wild Stoplight Red

Mabuhay! Because it’s Independence Day, I’m greeting you a warm welcome in Filipino. :)

So I made this post up a couple of weeks ago but I’ve decided to wait a little longer to give justice to my beauty purchase. Thank God I did, cause now, I love both the lipstick and foundation that I bought.

Before May ended, I did a little shopping online, and stumbled upon The Vanity Zone. The Vanity Zone carries imported cosmetics from high-end to drugstore. I’m not makeup obsessed, in fact (I’ve mentioned this before), I don’t know proper make up techniques. But sometimes, my job requires me to wear make-up. Kahit lipstick lang just to look a bit polished. Yes, nag-explain talaga ako. LOL!

I’ve heard a lot of reviews about Rimmel and Wet n’ Wild cosmetics. I believe Rimmel is not available in the Philippines so I shopped online. And with Wet n’ Wild, it’s a lot cheaper online and I don’t have time to shop. Want to know more about these products?

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

I bought this because I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my favorite Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation. I’ve tried Revlon Colorstay foundation and it was perfect, but I want a much cheaper dupe. To be honest, I did a little research before I purchased this. One that I have seen is from It’s Judy Time.

Just like Judy, I feel that the foundation does not live up to the ‘lightweight’ promise. It’s a bit drying as well, so moisturize before you use this. This has a very thick consistency and it has a full coverage so no need to build up. In fact, I don’t advise building this up because it will not look good.

(A dot of foundation can give you that kind of coverage so make sure you only use a tiny bit)

I got the shade 100-Ivory which is a perfect shade for my fair complexion. Jackpot I must say because I’m acidic and this did not turn dark after application. Since it’s a bit thick, avoid using powder on top. Just use a blotting paper to remove excess oil.

I like it because a little goes a long way. When I say little, I mean a dot will cover your entire face. Plus, it has good staying power. Not on the nose area though because I literally scratch my nose every hour.

Rating: 4 out 5

Wet n’ Wild Matte Lipstick in Stoplight Red

I love Mac, but I think it’s a bit expensive for a tube of lipstick. I know Mac lovers would hate me on this, but girls, I gotta learn to save for the future.

I searched for dupes online. I’ve found out that Wet n’ Wild Stoplight Red is a perfect copy of Mac’s famous Ruby Woo lipstick. I got this for only Php 199, and a Mac lipstick costs around 900 to 1000 per tube. Talk about saving some cash, right?

I’m not into matte lipsticks but I gave in because bold colors look better in matte formula. Wet n’ Wild didn’t dry up. It has good coverage, no chapping, so it’s highly recommended to those who suffer with dry lips. It has decent lasting power; just right considering the price.

Rating: 4 out 5

I’m looking forward to getting more products, but I have to do a little research first. I wish The Vanity Zone will bring in more Rimmel products soon! Wake me up concealer and foundation, please? And, I hope they can distribute Tanya Burr, Bourjois, and Topshop cosmetics! ;)

Get your dose of imported make up goods from The Vanity Zone through their Instagram account: @TheVanityZone and Facebook page: