Just had to repost this. It’s hilarious as this is just too accurate.  #writersandartists 😂

Just had to repost this. It’s hilarious as this is just too accurate. #writersandartists 😂

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Read and share! 👍

Read and share! 👍

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The things I learned after watching a recent horror film

I always watch horror films even if I know the big aftermath that awaits me. There are sudden jolts in the awkward hours (3 a.m.), the paranoia, and the feeling that someone is following you. Yes, still under paranoia.

For those who share the same sentiments and weirdness, here are some tips you can use. These steps are what made me survive watching the recent horror film, Annabelle. I know you guys would say I’m a huge coward, but insomnia attacks are such a pain to deal with after seeing horrifying images.

Disclaimer: I only watched 30% of the film. If you want to know how’s that even possible, continue reading. :D

1. A bucket of popcorn is neccessary

I always make sure that I have something to munch on when I watch a movie, but a bucket of popcorn, a really huge one comes in handy.

Why? I can use that bucket as a cover during a scary scene, and also a way to divert my fear to hunger. STUFF YOUR FACE WITH POPCORN, ANNABELLE’S BEHIND YOU!!!!


2. Three will always be the best number 

You can always sit in the middle of your two courageous friends. However, if they’re dating, you have to face your fears alone, and on the side.



3. Always wear a jacket

Yes, it is essential especially in the cold theaters. Aside from the trendy vibe it gives, it also serves as a cover to your face too if you don’t have item number 1. A plus if you have a chic leather jacket.


4. Keep your phone intact

It doesn’t only keep your lines open in case someone will send you a text message or try to call you. It will also help you lose your focus on the big screen.

Yep, checking my news feed in the dark like a boss.


5. Never hide your fear

Go ahead if you feel like there’s a need to shout. No one can see you in the dark. And I’m sure they would do the same thing if they find themselves in a scary situation.


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The Story of La Creperie

La CREPERIE has its roots from the early 1990’s, when one of the co-founders spent a year as a student in Paris. She studied art and “Sciences Politiques”, lived with a French family, and spent weekends exploring creperies in Paris and Brittany where her French family had their summer home.

Fifteen years after founding The Big Chill chain of juice bars with her best friend, these two women had a new dream: to bring the French creperie experience to Manila, but with a French design style that evolved with each neighborhood where they opened. They served authentic galettes, i.e., open faced crepes made with 100% buckwheat floor, golden brown in color, made thin, and crisp at the edges. They recreated regional flavors from Parisian and Breton creperies, including the popular “Salidou” made with creamy salted butter caramel. They also concocted unique but familiar crepe combinations you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else, such as “Apple Crisp a la Mode”, “Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie”, and “Strawberry Mango Jubilee”. 

To complete the culinary experience they searched far and wide for specialty beverages, introducing the French tea salon experience through luxury tea company TWG. They also created their own proprietary line of “Chocolat Chaud” (hot chocolate) that includes their version of Café Angelina’s famous dark chocolate “a l’Africain” (reputedly the best hot chocolate in Paris).

For those in the mood for heartier meals, savor La CREPERIE’s choice selection of home-style French food, including heirloom family recipes from the French “Maman” such “Coq au Vin” (chicken in red wine) and “Blanquette de Boeuf” (a savory beef stew simmered for hours in white wine, carrots, onions, fresh thyme, and cream). Recent additions to the menu include the all day Filipino breakfasts served with a siding of green salad with vinaigrette with every dish, pastas and other “comfort food”!

This is not just a creperie, but the manifestation of years living and loving all things French, of travelling the world, and of childhood friendships meant to last forever. 

We invite you to join us in our journey, and to experience a bit of French culture with us.   A votre santé, et bon appetit!

You may contact La Creperie at:


LA CREPERIE SHANGRI-LA MALL (584-6540 and CP 0933-5490068)

LA CREPERIE ROBINSONS GALLERIA (477-7089 and CP 0932-4040863) 


LA CREPERIE BOHEME (NEW MANILA 705-7100 and CP 0943-5177041)


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